Unhappy Sex Life Can Depress You!!

It is very important to understand why sex is a need and how it can affect your brain. It can be a shadow in your relationship. It’s not an easy subject to understand or react to. Sex makes everyone feel good. According to some researchers, women after sexual intercourse go through post-sex blues which means that these women undergo sadness after having sex with their partners at some point in time. Also, it’s not that easy for women to get turned on like men. It’s been noticed that stress can cause your body to act in a certain way, like feeling closed off while being intimate with your partner. There are a lot of infections which can be caused due to sexual intercourse, such as yeast infections, bacterial infections which are for a very long time. Such issues are caused due to waxing or razor shaves which can lead to a lot of pimples causing pain during sex.

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